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Short Activities

These activities are short, fun and interactive while remaining language and curricular content-focussed. Your students will enjoy doing them!

Index of Short Activities

Name of activity

pdf download 7.1 Word tennis

Focus: recycling vocabulary, listening and speaking.

pdf download7.2 Charades

Focus: recycling vocabulary in a fun way.

pdf download7.3 Quizzes

Focus: forming, asking and answering questions, revising subject work.

pdf download7.4 Balloon Debate

Focus: speaking and listening.

pdf download7.5 Don't let the Sharks eat you (like Hangman)

Focus: using vocabulary in a fun way.

pdf download7.6 Making a Word Search

Focus: recycling vocabulary in a fun way.

pdf download7.7 Making Crosswords

Focus: recycling vocabulary in a fun way.

pdf download7.8 Word Chains

Focus: using vocabulary in a fun way.

pdf download7.9 Words from Words

Focus: using vocabulary in a fun way.
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Jury's comments "Feedback from involved teachers very positive about motivation of students and this is motivating for teachers...Very impressed with project...Valuable idea transferable to e.g. Gaelscoileanna."

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Remember, these units are further supplemented with a wide range of appropriate language learning and self-study activities suitable for post-primary students to do individually, in pairs or in small groups.
We again acknowledge Gill & Macmillan for their permission to reproduce certain short texts in some of these Units.

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