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Getting Started

Whether you are a student, an English Language Support teacher, or a subject teacher, this website is here to help you.

How does it work?

Click on the Language Support Activity Units button in the left-hand menu. You will find a drop down menu with a list of Junior Cert or Leaving Cert subjects.
For example:  CSPE, English, Geography, and History etc. 
Click on the subject that you want to focus on.  You will find a list of topics related to the subject area.
For example: Geography has topics including Ice Action, Mass Movement, Water and Weather.   History has topics including The Stone Age – Mesolithic, The Bronze Age, The Celts and the Iron Age.  These topics all correspond to units in textbooks.

For each topic, you can Click on an Activity Unit which has a list of key words from the textbooks and a range of exercises.
The exercises are designed to help students to understand, recall and use the key words.  This will help them in the subject classroom.

  • Some of the exercises are simpler – letter and word manipulation.
  • Some are more in-depth – they look at grammar and writing.
  • Some have an element of fun, including snap and a word search.

You/your students don’t have to do all of the exercises in each unit.
Each unit follows basically the same format – so very quickly you will know what is coming, what is best to suit your level/the level of your students.

If you want more information on levels – Click on The Levels section on the Home page.

If you are a teacher and want detailed help on how to get the most from the units Click on Teachers’ Notes and Advising Students and Record of Learning on the Home Page.

If you would like a change from the format of the units, there are lots of additional activities, Click on Additional Resources on the Home Page, where you will find an index and a range of extra activities.
For example: there are extra activities on writing skills, listening skills, thinking about learning etc.

If you would like some short, fun activities Click on Short Activities on the Home page.

If you want to find out more about the background to the project Click on Background to the Project on the Home page.

Finally, we would love your comments and feedback, please Click Contact Us on the home page for ways of getting in touch.
   What's new?

We are delighted to host the Toolkit for Diversity in Post Primary Schools which aims to help schools create and sustain a welcoming and inclusive environment for students and parents from all backgrounds and ensure equal success for all.

Please click on the link below

whole school approaches


english language award The ELSP won the 2009 European Award for Languages - click here for details

Jury's comments "Feedback from involved teachers very positive about motivation of students and this is motivating for teachers...Very impressed with project...Valuable idea transferable to e.g. Gaelscoileanna."

Remember, these units are further supplemented with a wide range of appropriate language learning and self-study activities suitable for post-primary students to do individually, in pairs or in small groups.
We again acknowledge Gill & Macmillan for their permission to reproduce certain short texts in some of these Units.


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